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Air Rifle Pellets by Shoot X airguns in India 

There is a massive selection of different types of pellet out there. This guide should help you decide which ones are best for your purpose.

The classic dome – This has a rounded head and is the original style of airguns in India pellet. They are a good all-rounder and can be used for target shooting, plinking and hunting alike. Of course there are other designs on the market that are more suited to specific types of shooting.

The pointed design – These are made with the hunter in mind. The intention is obviously to gain greater penetration, and this has been proven to be effective, though the difference between these and the domed pellets is marginal, especially in a 12ft/lb gun.

The hollow point – These are designed to expand on impact, increasing the impact whilst reducing penetration. They are therefore ideal for close range hunting, such as ratting. Don’t be put off by the shape of these pellets, they travel well and are accurate.

The wad cutter or flat head – These are generally target shooting pellets as they fly accurately and cut a nice circular hole in the target. Of course like the hollow points they also reduce penetration and increased impact so do make a good close range hunting pellet too.

The above is a very crude guide to the pellets out there. As well as the shape of the pellet, other influencing factors are the design/quality and power of your gun, and the weight of the pellets. The quality of the pellet is also crucial, though price is often a good indicator for this. Therefore Shoot X airguns in India recommends that you test a variety of pellets until you find one that best suits your gun. When you’ve found it, stick to it. 

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