Interesting facts and the History of the Air gun by Shooting Range Air Guns (pneumatic technology) can be dated as far back as the 15th century and began their life as weapons of war rather than sport. The early Air Guns offered a number of advantages over the other period weapons for example, Air

For those who are planning to purchase an air rifle, either for entertainment or to practice shooting in Indian Shooting Academy, the FPS or feet per second of the rifle is an essential consideration. This is essential since air rifles are available in different FPS levels. What is velocity or FPS ? As an introduction,

Air Rifle Pellets by Shoot X airguns in India  There is a massive selection of different types of pellet out there. This guide should help you decide which ones are best for your purpose. The classic dome - This has a rounded head and is the original style of airguns in India pellet. They are a good

The sport of silhouette shooting had its origin in Mexico when it became politically incorrect to use live animals for shooting contests. Steel cutouts of various animal shapes were tried, and modified to what is the standard today.  For complete history of the beginning of silhouette, read The Gun Digest Book of Metallic Silhouette

Today's most advanced and powerful shooting air rifles. Air rifle shooting is becoming a highly competitive and respected sport around the world. In the India the National Rifle Association promotes air rifle competition which has grown significantly over the last decade. Gun clubs and shooting classes across the country typically have both youth and