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Today’s most advanced and powerful shooting air rifles.

Air rifle shooting is becoming a highly competitive and respected sport around the world. In the India the National Rifle Association promotes air rifle competition which has grown significantly over the last decade. Gun clubs and shooting classes across the country typically have both youth and adult air  rifle team and individual competitions.

Guide by Shoot X Shooting Classes

Some of these shooting classes actually have “practical” realism style courses where people move from station to station with both air rifles and pistols to shoot. It is no longer the activity of youth, with air rifles being thought of as “toys”. Many airguns manufactured today carry a “Recommended for adults only” caution label for high powered air guns.

With high end, powerful, precision air guns costing over $3000 available today, target competition, like many sporting activities has become very competitive.

However, there are dozens of good air gun models on the market geared for the average owner, and capable of pin point accuracy and effective for shooting games. These guns are excellent quality, durable and with care will provide decades of shooting competition.  

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