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How to shoot an Air Rifle | Shoot X Shooting range in Delhi NCR

The Complete Step by Step Process to properly shoot your Air Rifle by Shoot X Shooting Range in Delhi NCR

Shooting an air rifle is actually something that is rather easy to do as well as fun; below are all the tips and steps that you need to know in order to be able to properly shoot the air rifle. It all comes down to be aiming correctly and firing correctly.Step One – Choose a rifle that fits you. – First things first it is important to pick the right weight and the right length of an air rifle. You know you have the right one when you can comfortably hold it parallel to the floor, steady at a ninety degrees towards your body and not have to worry about resting it on anything.

Step Two – When at home you can bore-sight it. –This step only works if you have a break barrel rifle, if you don’t have this kind of rifle then you can skip this step. If you do have this kind of rifle then be sure to break the barrel only a little bit so you can see right down the barrel, find your target and aim. After you have your target picked out switch to looking through the sights and aligns everything up with each other, just don’t move the barrel from being aimed at the target.

Step Three – The stock gets tucked into your right shoulder. – Whether you are left handed or not the stock needs to get tucked into your right shoulder, this is where it is the most comfortable to position it. However if you are left-handed there are left-handed rifles that you can purchase to use.

Step Four – Your dominant hand needs to get placed on the grip. – Your hand gets placed where it should always get placed on an air rifle in this step just remember to still not touch the trigger. Your finger should not even be near the trigger.

Step Five – Take note of the distance from your shoulder all the way to the grip. – This distance should be the same distance forward with your other hand but your other hand should be placed underneath the body of the rifle itself. With that being said be sure to not touch the barrel.

Step Six –Don’t move your eye downwards toward the rifle, instead position the rifle along your body so you are standing on the side of the target. – With this step you can look down the barrel just by tilting your head a little bit, this is a lot more comfortable than the other way.

Step Seven – Keep your target in sight. – Each air rifle is different but the most common ones have a piece of notched metal at the end that is closest to you and a stick at the end of the barrel. This type of  sight means you have to line the rifle up with the target point so it is in the center of the notch and then bring the barrel up slowly until the top of the stick is level with top of the notch.

Step Eight – Breathe Rest and Aim. – You need to take a very deep breath, only let half of it out and then hold the rest. Squeeze the trigger slowly so you don’t get surprised but be steady about it.

Step Nine – Keep track of where the shots land. –There is not sight that will be perfect so just adjust it when needed. This means that if you were too high at first all you need to do is lower it some. Same with if it was too far to the right then just move it to the left some.

Step Ten – Practice makes perfect. – The more you practice all of this than the better you will become.

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